Kala sarpa dhosha if it is in birth chard based on lagna then it will be for ever. it is also possible in present day planet positions based on rashi is also possible but it will be temporary and valid for short period and valid for that period only first of all you know what is kaala sarpa yoga or doshan all the remaining 7 planets should be in between rahu and kethu in one side only example if rahu is in taurus and kethu in scorpio then all the other seven planets should be in between taurus and scorpio or in between scorpio and taurus only. in kochaara that is present day planet positions from rashi also it is possible that all 7 will come within one side in between them but it will be very short time only as moon moves one rashi for every 2 and half days tentatively if it crosses rahu on one side then within a period of say 20 days it will cross kethu also and go to other side there by breaking the kaala sarpa raja yoga or dosha so in kochaara it is neglible only

Kalsarpa Yoga gives vitality, endurance, stamina and unparallelled strength to the individual. People having Kalsarpa Yoga in their horoscope achieve success in their endeavours and attain popularity on account of these special qualities. It suits people who are in spirituality or politics

At the same time it also gives Rajyoga. Such people reach the pinnacle in whatever field they chose, be it art, film, business, politics, enterpreneurship, sports or spirituality. Most of the big-wigs in these fields have one common thing in their horoscope- they have Kalsarpa Yoga, which may be anything between Anant Kalsarpa yoga to Shesh Kalsarpa Yoga, depending upon the zodiac sign.


  • 1) Kalsarpa Yoga can be pacified at Kal Hasti Shiva temple near Tirupati the same can be done at sangam in Allahabad, Trayambakeshwar near Nasik and at Kedarnath as well.
  • 2) Chant the mantra 'Om Namah Shivaya' everyday 11 times.
  • 3) Donate fresh Radish. Put coal pieces in a flowing water/river. on an Monday/Saturday.