Remedies For All


The word Daan is a Sacred donation made by any individual for the benefit of his or her aspect, it been called as Sacred Donations or Alms. Practices for the attraction and pleasure of auspicious (anukool or favorable) planets and also to mitigate any inauspicious (pratikool or unfavorable) planetary influences. This is another way to incorporate the use of fine, natural gems by donating them in a specified manner for enhanced effect. Each planet is colored with their widely accepted "cosmic color."

Only Needy Hungry and the poor can be given donations, Donations can be made in cow’s stable, temples, all religious places, educational places, Orphanages & Hospitals & Teachers, Karam Kandi Appropriate Bhramins (Supatra) & Religious people & Jyotishvids only.

DONATIONS GIVEN TO APPEASE PLANETS (NAVAGRAHA) RAVI DASA: Donation to appease the Planet Sun (On Sunday): Ruby, coral, wheat, jiggery, ghee, red cloth, sandalwood, saffron flowers.

CHANDRA DASA: Donation to appease the planets moon (On Monday): White cloth, rice, curd, sandalwood, camphor, flowers, conch.

KUJA DASA: Donation to appease the planet Mars (On Tuesday) : Gold, copper, lentil, jiggery, ghee, red cloth, saffron, sandal wood.

BUDHA DASA:Donation to appease the planet mercury (On Wednesday) - Emerald, gold, green cloth, lentil, sugar, ghee, flowers, fruits, camphor, Dakshina.

GURU DASA:Donation to appease the planet Jupiter? (On Thursday) - Topaz, Gold, Yellow cloth, Chana (grams), Turmeric, Jiggery, Ghee, flowers, fruits books, Dakshina.

SUKHRA DASA: Donation to appease the planets Venus (On Friday) - Diamond, Gold, Silver, cloth, rice, Sugar candy, milk, curd, sandalwood, flowers.

SHANI DASA AND SADA-SATHI: Donation to appease to planet Saturn (on Saturday) - Sapphire, gold, black cloth, oil, horse bean, music, flowers, Dakshina.

RAHU DASA: Donation to appease the Planet Rahu - Agate, gold, lead, blue cloth, blanket, Sesanum, mustard oil, flowers, Dakshina.

KETU DASA: Donation to appease planet Ketu - Gold, bluish grey cloth, seven types of cereals, oil coconut, knife, Dakshina.

The Time Of Donation: Donations to the Gods should be offered in the early morning. To eliminate doshas, ailments in human donations should be offered in the afternoon. For deceased ancestor donations should be offered in the night or evening. Donations to the spirits should be done in the evening.

One should donate during solar and lunar eclipse. If there is incidentally a solar eclipse on a Sunday and lunar eclipse on a Monday it creates Chudamani Yoga. The donation done on these days reaps limitless benefits. One gets special benefits if one donates on days of Amavasya, Poornima, Sankranti, Vyatipat, Vaidhriti.