About US

The Future has always held a place of fascination for humans. The mystery of what is to come and what will be has always mesmerized and enthralled us. On the other hand there are people who feel that even their best efforts do not get the needed results. Then there are people who always fail at relationships even after giving their best and those who are experiencing plain bad luck which is affecting their personal and professional lives. The solutions to all these problems can be found at a reliable destination which is Tara Astrology readings will given by Bharat Jyotish Ratna Jyotish Shiromani award winner Sanaka Shiv Kumar with 25years experience in perfect predictions. We provide complete astrology and numerology services. Our services include Complete Life Analysis, Numerology Analysis, Lucky Gem Analysis, Match Making and New Born Baby Horoscopes and Vastu Consultant.

Astrology, which is the study of planetary positions and movement and their respective influence on human affairs, is a science in itself. It has been practiced in India since ages. While it is dismissed by some as being baseless, there are enough followers of this science across the world to make it creditable.

Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.