Aquarius - ( Kumbha Rasi )

RASI PAL This year 2016 April to 2017

Income:Expenditure:8:8 (ratio) Compliment:Insult:3:5 (ratio)

Jupiter transiting on your 7th house until July 2016 can give you very good fortune. The impact of malefic Saturn will go down in the first half of this year. So you can expect to see many positive changes until July 2016. But Jupiter moving onto your 8th house by Aug 2016 is looking very bad. At the same time, malefic Saturn is gaining more powerful. The combined effects of Malefic Jupiter and Malefic Saturn from Aug 2016 to rest of this year indicating that you will be under severe testing period from Aug 2016. Make sure to take important financial decisions and conducting subha karyas before July 2016.


Since Jupiter is placed well on your kalathra sthanam, it can give you enough positive energies and you will have sound health. If you have been suffering from any health problems and excessive mental stress, you will come out of it as this year progress. Saturn and Mars conjunction during March, can create couple of sleepless nights. But this effect would be minor and cannot be noticed. You will regain your sound health by April 2016 and able to maintain it. You will great happiness in the months of May, June and July.

Once you reach Aug 2016, your health will get affected since both Saturn and Jupiter are aspecting your 12th house. You will develop mental stress which would be hard for you to handle it. This period is capable of making you addicted into drinking alcoholic beverages, gambling, excessive stock market trading, etc. Stay away from these activities since it can increase your problems. Keep enough prayers and meditation to gain positive energies. Recite Hanuman Chalisa to come out of health problems.

Family, Love and relationship

The first half of this year is looking great for your family and relationship. Jupiter on your Kalathra sthanam will make sure you have good relationship with your spouse. The inner planets Venus and Mercury are placed well in the first half of this year. If you are single, you will find perfect match and get married. It is a good time for conjugal bliss and plan for baby. Newly married couple will travel to dream vacation spot for honeymoon. Lovers will have nice time on romance. Many subha karyas functions can increase your name and fame. You can enjoy all these fortunes until July 2016.

Things will keep moving against you from Aug 2016 onwards. Jupiter and Saturn are going against you in a bad position, will make your life miserable. It can create lot of fiction / conflicts with your spouse and other close family members. Newly married couples need to be extra careful since there will be lack of conjugal bliss. Jupiter on your 8th house is capable of creating “pain in love” and hence you need to be very careful from Aug 2016.


This is going to be a very good time for students. You will focus your mind fully onto your studies and will score excellent marks during your April / May examinations. You will get into good schools and colleges in this year. Since your time is not looking so great from Aug 2016, you may not get the desired schools / colleges of your choice even with good marks. You need to make some compromise on that. If you have developed any love affairs, it can create excessive mental stress from Sep 2016.

Work / Career and Business

Saturn is pushing you down and not letting you to enjoy the benefic results for the last couple of months in 2015. Even though this year start with a setback, you will start noticing excellent positive changes from March 2016. This is a good time to change your job. If you are unemployed, you will definitely get a very good offer. You will get promoted to next level and will get excellent salary hikes and stock options. Your boss will be happy with your performance. You will realize the most of these positive changes during mid-year of 2016.

Once you reach Aug 2016, you will start seeing adverse pull back on your career. Mainly people would be jealous of your growth and can create problems for you. You will also develop of hidden enemies and hidden politics during this phase. It is a time for you to stay and work hard in the current level without any further growth.

Business people will enjoy good fortunes in this year as this year progress. Saturn on your 10th house will not affect your business growth especially until July 2016. You will get many new clients on a long term basis. You will win against your competitors. Turnover and Profits will shoot up. You need to work on cost cutting from Aug 2016 since Jupiter will enter onto your asthama sthanam. This will create hidden enemies who can affect your business growth. Besides you may also experience law suits and legal / tax audit problems in this period.


    1) must not accept black and white related items from any one. this will bring luck.
    2) must reside in a northeast extension house will bring good luck.
    3) you must keep laxmi devi photo in your house will bring goods luck.
    4) must plant flowers on the east side.
    5) must respect maternal uncle.
    6) green color is not suitable for you.
    7) prayers to lord hanuman will give you peace and prosperity.
    8) respect guru's will give you over all development.
    9) water tank or water must not be on the south side of your house.
    10) put your head on south side while sleeping.
    11) avoid alcohol/meat---donate alcohol/meat.