Cancer - ( Karkata Rasi )

RASI PAL This year 2016 April to 2017

Income: Expenditure: 8:11ratio) Compliment:Insult: 3:3 (ratio)

Jupiter on your 2nd house until July 2016 is looking fortunate for you. But its 3rd house transit from Aug 2016 can create setback on your life. Even though Rahu and Ketu transits are not looking so great, you will see positive results since Jupiter is in conjunction with Ketu and aspecting Rahu, can yield positive results until July 2016. But Saturn and Mars conjunction on your Poorva Punya Sthanam can create problems on family environment and can create more emotional stress. Still you will continue to move up on your career and finance. Overall this year is looking great until July 2016 and then followed by severe testing period. Make sure to settle down very well by July 2016, so that can help you to cross the miserable rest of the year.


Jupiter on your 2nd house will make sure to get your sound health back. While physical health condition is looking good, Miserable Saturn and Mars can cause emotional stress. Even though you do not have any problems, you will develop unwanted fear by thinking too much on what if things go wrong or move against you. As long as you have good support from your friends and family members, this emotional stress can go down. Otherwise you need to build up positive energies on

Family, Love and relationship

Last couple of months in 2015, would have been very good for you because of Mars and Jupiter was in good position. But when you start this year, the positive energies will go down and soon recover in the upcoming months. You will have good time with your family members between April and July 2016. If you are planning for baby, it may be little late, but still there is a good chance around May 2016. The rest of the period does not look so great since Mars and Saturn are in conjunction on your 5th house.

The first problems for you is get pain through beloved ones. If you are married, you will have excessive possessiveness towards your spouse that can cause some problems on your relationship. If you are middle aged, then you may expect to have problems through your children. Family politics will get worse as this year progress.

If you are single, you have extra careful. Since you may get into relationship with wrong person, either not qualified or big difference in age, etc. Saturn will not let you to choose the right person. It does not have to be from opposite sex. The problems may arise between close friends as well. Having said that clears that it is going to be one of the worst time for lovers and mostly they will break their relationship with excessive mental stress. Lovers needs to have natal chart support to save their relationship.


Students will shine very well in the first half of this year. You will be able to get score on your examination. You may not have any luck in getting admission into great schools / colleges from Aug 2016. So it is better to get admission before July 2016, if you can. Students will have to go through lot of emotional stress especially developing problems with their close friends. This problems can create huge mental stress and may seek diversion of mind through wrong channels like excessive smoking, drinking and relationship with bad friend circles.

Work / Career and Business

The start of this year looks great for your career. Even though you may see minor setback in the month of Feb 2016, you will do very well until July 2016. Salary hikes and promotions are highly indicated on the cards. If you are not happy with the current Job, you can change your job. You will be offered with good position and salary package. But make sure that the new company is stable, because your time is not looking great beyond July 2016.

Business people would have seen good improvements in the months of Nov and Dec 2015. You will be able move up until middle of this year. After that you would get stuck with your family problems and mental stress, you would not be able function very well and concentrate more on your career growth. Your performance will go down and your business competitors will take advantage of your weak position and gain more business against you! You need to make sure you have good natal chart support. As a minimum, do not think off expanding your business after Aug 2016.


    1) South facing house will not suite you.
    2) You must take blessing of your father.
    3) Pray to lord Subramanyam.
    4) Drink milk in silver glass.
    5) Maintain good relations with Elders.
    6) West facing house will bring good health, wealth and prosperity.
    7) 22ND year is good for getting marriage
    8) Keep a Chadra Yantra in house, this Yantra will bring good prosperity.