Coral is made of deposits of calcium and secretions from the invertebrate “coral polyp” with branches. This creature resembling generally lives in calm water and builds the corals in depths from 20feet to as deep as 1000feet, Red Coral are the color due to iron oxide within them and are found in depths of 100 to 150feet, the shallow the water the darker the color of the coral. To stregenth the planet Mars wearing a red coral or strand beads is recommended, the deeper red it is in color the more potency it will have. The wearer of the gem will increase vitality, courage and ability to work on endeavors through to their fruition, physically it is said to strengthen the immune system, the muscles body and the male reproductive system Red jasper may be used as substitute for red corals, corals are found in Mediterranean, Persian gulf, Red sea, Australia, Africa and Italy.

Time & day:

Tuesday……5 am to 6 am…. ring finger…gold/silver... 3carts
Left/right hand
(Clean the ring with cow milk or turmeric water before chanting the navagraha sloka and wear the coral ring after chanting the sloka)

"dharaneegarbhasambhootham vidyutkaantisamaprabham
kumaaram shaktihastam tham managlam pranamaamyaham "

(Chant this sloka for 108 times before wearing the coral ring for the first time.))

Premium Quality Coral Rs.2000

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