Gemini - ( Mithuna Rasi )

RASI PAL This year 2016 April to 2017

Income:Expenditure:14 :11 (ratio) Compliment : Insult : 7 : 7 (ratio)

Jupiter will be on your 3rd and 4th house in this year 2016. Jupiter on your 4th house is considered as very good from Aug 2016. You would have made good progress in the last year due to favorable saturn placement on your runa roga sathru sthanam. While Jupiter on your 3rd house would have caused some problems, the intensity of Jupiter keeps going down as this year progress. To make things much better for you, Mars is joining with Saturn on your 6th house, confirms that you are non stoppable on your growth and success in many aspects of your life including health, family and relationship, career, finance and investments. Even though Ketu moving onto your 9th house can create problems, Rahu on your 3rd at the same time can nullify the malefic effects of Ketu. Overall this year 2016 is going to be a best year for you in a decade.


Mars and Saturn conjunction on your 6th house and Rahu on your 3rd house, is looking very good to maintain your sound health. You will continue to gain more positive energies as this year progress. You will be very active and energetic for entire this year. If you are into sports, you will see award winning opportunities. You will also gain more fame in the world sports. You will develop fair complexion and will be very much attractive to people from opposite sex.

Family, Love and relationship

You are going to have excellent year filled with great happiness on your family and relationship. If you were separated due to work or travel, you will be able to join with your family now. You will develop very smooth relationship with your spouse and other close family members. It is a great time for conjugal bliss with your spouse. Eligible couples will get blessed with a baby in this time period. Midhuna Rasi girls will have healthy pregnancy cycle. Lovers will find wonderful time on romance. If you are single, it is a good time to find a match. Besides there is no surprise if you get any love proposal. Many subha karyas happening on your family environment will make you feel much happier. You and your family will gain social status. You will also get fame in your social circle.


It is going to be a fortunate period for students. You will score excellent marks on your examination. You will get admission into very good schools and colleges of your choice. Saturn will make sure to fulfill your long term dreams and wishes in this year. You will become a star student on your class and you will be the most wanted person for everyone. Close intimacy with your friends in opposite sex will make you feel happier. You will have misunderstanding with your close friends by Mid-April 2016 for two months, but it will become alright on its own.

Work / Career and Business

You would have got good success on your career in the last year. You are expected to move much higher at your workplace with promotions and salary hike in this year. This is going to be one of the best year for your career. If you are not happy with the current Job, you can apply in big companies at higher position and you will be offered excellent salary package. You are non-stoppable on your growth since there is no hidden enemies or politics against you. Utilize this fortunate year period to establish your career very well and gain enough fame in your family as well as work place. This year is going to be a most fortunate year for business people. If you are running a startup companies, there is no surprise if you get a take-over offer that can make you multi-millionaire overnight. You will be able to win against your competitors. It is an excellent time to expand your business and get enough funding from investors or through bank loans. The year 2016 is going to be one of the most successful year for you in your life time.


    1) You must not eat vegetables which produce gas like potatoes.
    2) Must not reside in South facing house..
    3) You must not tame Birds in your house..
    4) You must eat Vegetables and pulses..
    5) Pesalu ( Moong Dal) must be fed to pigeons..
    6) Must do Surya Namaskar daily after bath and perform pooja to Surya Yanthra..