Leo - ( Simha Rasi )

RASI PAL This year 2016 April to 2017

Income:Expenditure:11: 5 (ratio) Compliment : Insult : 6 : 3 (ratio)

Jupiter on your Janma Sthanam until July 2016 is not looking great but its transit to your 2nd house can yield great success. You will be under miserable Ardhastama Sani for entire this year. To make things worse, both Rahu and Ketu transit are also not looking good. However with the strength of inner planets Venus, Sun and Mercury, you would get an excellent relief in the first and last 3 months of this year. The time period between May and Oct 2016 is going to be a severe testing period for you. Even though this year can give you mixed results, still looking much better than the last year.


You will see good recovery on your health in this year, however it is going be a bumpy ride on a slow pace. Planets keeps changing on your favorable motion in the beginning of this year. You would be able gain sound health by April 2016. Then you will have go through another setback and then you will see recovery after Oct 2016.

Family, Love and relationship

Saturn and Jupiter would have made your life miserable in the last year especially after July 2015. Now you would be feeling the real heat of Ardhastama Sani and Janma Guru. When this New Year begins, things will get much cooler for you because of key changes on planet speed and motion. The intensity of the problems with your spouse will go down and will fix the family problems. The first 4 months of this year is looking great and then followed by another debacle. If you are planning for baby, you will have to be careful since it does require strong natal chart support. There will be lack of conjugal bliss with your spouse in this year. When Jupiter moves onto your 2nd house, you are supposed to see the positive effects. But Saturn is getting powerful at the same time, the positive effects of next Jupiter transit can be felt only from Nov 2016. You will have to get prepared for very slow recovery with couple of setbacks until you reach Nov 01, 2016. Then you will have strong momentum and feel happiness on your family environment.

Lovers can find relief and Singles will find suitable match only towards end of this year. Even if you make any progress before Oct 2016, it will be temporary. Since Jupiter can protect you very well from July 2016, I would see this year is much better than the last year even though not great!


Students will have go through health problems and mental stress. This can cause lack of interest on studies. Fortunately the March and April 2016 are looking great when you are due to appear for exams. Even if you do hard work towards the close, it will bump up your marks very well. Work hard and you will get the success. Avoid having close intimacy from your friends in opposite sex. Take care of your health and you will be ok when you appear for exams. With the strength of upcoming Jupiter transit, you will be able to get into good colleges in this year.

Work / Career and Business

Even though last couple of months in 2015 was bad, this New Year will begin with a smile note. If you are unemployed or looking for a chance, you will accept new offer and join in new company by Jan or Feb 2016. But you may not be happy with the new Job in the middle of this year but no other option except to continue until end of Oct 2016. You will have go through another change, may be in the same company at higher position with promotion by end of this year.

Your work pressure and tension will be consistent for entire this year with no break. Or you will be sitting at home by not doing any productive work and increasing more mental stress on your own. If you go to job, there will be hidden politics until Middle of this year. Once Jupiter moves forward to next sign of Kanni Rasi, You will get big relief. By considering the position of Saturn. Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter, you will get good relief in the long term only by Nov 2016, until then play only defensive game.

Even though Business people can see good recovery in the beginning of this year, it will be short lived. I do not see big fortunes in this year until Nov 2016, for business people. Saturn will try to pull back and stop your fortunes completely. Avoid expanding your business and be careful on any new investments. Even though you have great plan, it may not materialize this year since your time is not good. People involved in business related to real estate, insurance and medical industry will suffer a lot compared to others.


    1) you have to keep up your words.
    2) drink coconut water, it will protect you from heat related diseases.
    3) eat as much as food prepared with wheat.
    4) you must do any work with justice must be equal. must not do injustice to any one.
    5) do poor feeding in temples or prepare food and give it to poor and needy people.
    6) black and blue colors will not suite you.
    7) you must maintain good relations with elders especially gurus.
    8) must maintain good relations with life partner.
    9) must plant red color related flower plants on the south side of your house