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“How beautiful these gems are!
“How beautiful these gems are!
Seem to penetrate one like
A scent, I suppose that
Is the reason why gems are
Used as spiritual
Emblems is revelations
They look like fragments of heaven”

-----------------------" George Eliot "

How does a gem work?

It is a common question every gem wearer would like to know before buying a gem, generally the wearer must know that the ring in which the gem is placed must be open so that the wearer will get the 100% results. Once the bottom of the gem is open the sun rays will pass through the gem and gives the desired results of the gem which he/she is wearing, the hair of the fingers also act as aerial and the gem functions.

E.g. If a person is wearing Emerald, this gem has a chemical property of beryllium, once the wearer wears the emerald gem the chemical properties of the will start working as the bottom is open sun rays will pass through the gem and the skin also touches the gem the chemical of beryllium passes into the wearer body and the person will be free from headaches , sinuses and lung related health problems and it has an additional property of cleaning the blood so the wearer will be free from health problems as will his memory will increase and decision making will be correct. So in this way the gem stating giving results depends on the gem he wears.

How to choose a gem stone

The gem which the wearer like to buy and wear must be free from breaks, blemishes, red dots and black inclusions and spider web like inclusions are not suitable to wear and if the wearer wears it will be adverse results. So see that the gem is inclusion free, color and luster must be good these kind of gems will give an excellent results if the wearer wears the correct gem as per his/her Horoscope.

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