PEARL is worn to strengthen Moon in a horoscope; it will help to alleviate conditions caused by weak placement of Moon in horoscope. It has an extremely calming influence on the mind and increases feelings of love and compassion for other people, and also it will help in giving peace of mind and enable the practice of spiritual meditations with greater concentration on the physical side, pearl may help balance bodily fluids and reduce heat to the body and it can calm the nerves system there by decreasing feelings of anxiety it is good for woman in general and can help fertility and well help a woman deal with the stress of motherhood . Moonstone is a substitute for pearl although the potency is somewhat less in power, pearls are found in Persian gulf, South America, India Srilanka, wearing of cultured pearls is of no use to get planetary benefits.

Time & day:

5:00 am to 6:00 am…Monday...little finger... silver/gold... 3carts
Right hand
(Clean the ring with cow milk or turmeric water before chanting the navagraha sloka and wear the pearl ring after chanting the sloka)

"dadhishankathushaarabham ksheerodaarnavasambhavam
namaami shashinam somam sambhormukutabhooshanam"

(Chant this sloka for 108 times before wearing the pearl ring for the first time)

Premium Quality Coral Rs.1000

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