Sagittarius - ( Dhanur Rasi )

This year 2016 April to 2017 April your rasi will give normal results sadi sathi will be there throughout the year “

To get relief during this period, one should worship Lord Krishna as well as Lord Saturn.”

Income:Expenditure:5:14(ratio) Compliment:Insult:4:2 (ratio)

Jupiter transiting on your 9th house until July 2016 can give you very good fortune. You cannot expect any positive results from Jupiter from Aug 2016. The position is Ketu on your 3rd house is looking good for entire this year. The weak point for you in this year is Saturn placement of your 12th house and Mars conjunction with Saturn for an extended period of time. You will see great positive results and excellent growth but only until end of July 2016. The rest of 2016 is going to be a testing period for you.


By start of this year, slow moving Mars will be on your Labha Sthanam while Jupiter on your 9th house, can supply lot of positive energies. If you have been suffering from any health problems in the past, it will come to an end with right medication, your diet and exercise. You will regain and maintain your sound health until middle of this year. Saturn and Mars conjunction during March 2016, can create couple of sleepless nights.

Family, Love and relationship

The first half of this year is looking great for your family and relationship. Since Mars, Jupiter and Ketu are in good position, you will see good happiness with your family member. If you are single, you will find perfect match and get married. It is a good time for conjugal bliss and plan for baby. Newly married couple will travel to dream vacation spot for honeymoon. Lovers will have nice time on romance. Many subha karyas functions can increase your name and fame. You can enjoy all these fortunes until July 2016.

Things will keep moving against you from Aug 2016 onwards. Since Malefic Saturn is getting stronger and Jupiter is going out of your favorable spot, can create lot of fiction / conflicts with your spouse and other close family members. Newly married couples need to be extra careful since there will be lack of conjugal bliss. Saturn on your 12th house can give you disappointment on your relationship. You can plan for any subha karyas, but make sure to have some support on your natal chart.


This is going to be an excellent time for students. You will focus your mind fully onto your studies and will score excellent marks. You will get into good schools and colleges in this year. You will also have good time with your friends. If you are running favorable maha dasa, you will get award winning opportunities. If you are into sports, you will continue to shine very well in this year but fortunes will be limited later in the part.

Work / Career and Business

You are due to see many positive changes on your career. Even though Jupiter is going onto backward motion, you will not notice any adverse impact. You will continue to experience positive results. If you are not happy with your job, you will definitely get an excellent offer. Long waited promotions and salary hikes will happen even you did not push for. There will not be any office politics and you will continue to get fame at your work place. Your boss will be happy with your performance. All these positive changes will happen in the month of May and June 2016. Once you reach Aug 2016, you need to be bit careful since there will be sudden pullback. Mainly people would be jealous of your growth and can create problems for you. Still you will be able to go up but on a slow pace. You can also expect many disappointments and arguments towards end of this year.

Business people will enjoy good fortunes in this year. Even though you are under Sade Sani, you will be able to move up with the strength of Jupiter, Mars and Ketu until June 2016. You will get many new clients on a long term basis. You will win against your competitors. Turnover and Profits will shoot up. However once you reach July 2016, you need to be very careful. You need to work on cost cutting from July 2016 onwards since the malefic effects of Sade Sani will get severe from August 2016 onwards. If you are running weak maha dasa, it better to leverage your risk with new investors by bringing down your ownership or sell your business completely. Once you cross July 2016, you would be able to sell it and bring new investors. Besides your business growth will go down.


    1) avoid north facing house.
    2) must respect guru's and elder people.
    3) must finish bath early, must not bath for long time.
    4) must not put heavy items on south side of your house.
    5) must not use green color.
    6) must get blessing from mother.
    7) while sleeping put your head towards south.
    8) plant plants on the east side.
    9) blessing of father will bring you over all prosperity.
    10) hari vamshapuranam /vishnu sharsta shotam must be read daily.
    11) must not do business on wife's name.