Scorpio - ( Vrishika Rasi )

This year 2016 April to 2017 April you will get good results in all fields sadi sathi will be there through out the year.

To get relief during this period , one should worship Lord Hanuman & also chant Lord Saturn's Beeja Mantra " Om Sham Shanaischaraaya Namaha"

Income:Expenditure:02:08 (ratio) Compliment:Insult:1: 2 (ratio)

Jupiter will be on your 10th house until July 2016 and then move onto Labha sthanam. Jupiter can yield favorable results by end of this year. Saturn on your Janma Sthanam is the biggest challenge for you entire this year. To make things worse, Rahu transit onto your 10th house and Ketu transit onto your 4th house does not look good. Besides Mars and Saturn are making malefic conjunction on your Janma Sthanam will aggravate the problems. Overall this is going to be a bad year for you. However you will get some relief in Jan, Mar, April, Nov and Dec 2016.


This year is looking very bad for your health. Mars and Saturn conjunction on your Janma Sthanam on retrograde motion is a life time event and you are entering onto this phase. Do not ignore any warning signs since the possibility of surgery is highly indicated on the cards. If you have to do any surgeries, make sure to get second opinion from other doctors as well. Sometimes doctors will conclude with wrong conclusion if you are under Sani, Mercury or Rahu Antardasa.

Family, Love and relationship

This year is going to be a challenging period for your family and relationship. Saturn and Mars on your Janma Sthanam can make your life miserable. You will develop lot of conflicts, misunderstanding and arguments with your spouse and other close family members. Newly married couples need to be extra careful since there will be lack of conjugal bliss. If you are not careful, it can lead to temporary separation. Some of you may even get into litigation with your family members.

You will get some relief once Jupiter moves onto your 11th house. Even though Jupiter transit happens by Aug 2016, you will have to wait until late October 2016 to see some relief. Because when Jupiter is getting onto your favorable spot, Janma Sani is also getting very severe. If you want to plan for baby, it is better to wait until late Oct 2016. Planned subha karya functions need to get postponed to later date. Lovers will have bad time on romance and end up in having serious fights. If you are single, better not to look for match at least in the first half of this year.


Students will have very hard time in concentrating on their education. You will not have any luck and you need to work hard to get good marks on your exams. You may not get admission into your desired schools or colleges and you need to have compromise on that. Watch out your friends as well since they can misguide you. Avoid having close intimacy or developing possessiveness since it can create hell lot of problems. Better to get your family support and stay away from any kind of love proposals and affairs in this year.

Work / Career and Business

This year will give you hard time on your career. Let it be anything you do at your workplace, can go against you. You will have direct fights with your co-workers and managers. Such situation will make you feel bad and you might be forced to quit your job. If you lose your job, you are not going to another one until end of this year. So it is your responsibility to make sure that you are flexible enough to adjust yourself with other colleagues.

Business people will have very hard time for survival. Things will keep moving against you by making your life miserable. You would reach a bottom on by Oct 2016. If you are running weak maha dasa, you will be on the road to file bankruptcy. People who are in the construction business, politics, movie industries, insurance and any commission related business will suffer a lot. Never think off any kind of business expansion. If you are in oil, natural gas, coal and gold mining industry, then make sure to hedge commodities positions whenever a rally is indicated in commodities stock.


    1) milk must not overflow on stove while boiling.
    2) must maintain good relations and respect paternal uncle.
    3) south entrance house will not suite for your rasi.
    4) photos of hanuman and subramanaya swamy must be in your house.
    5) blessing of mother will help you in your over all development.
    6) must not plant flowers plants on the south.
    7) spray sugar to ant's –as ant's eat sugar you will get rid of bad time and developments will be there.