Taurus - ( Vrishaba Rasi )

RASI PAL This year 2016 April to 2017

Income: Expenditure: 11:14(ratio) Compliment:Insult: 4:7 (ratio)

Jupiter will be on your 4th and 5th house in this year 2016, is considered as most auspicious for you. Last year would have been bad for you with respect to health, relationship and finance because of Kantaga Sani and Jupiter on your 3rd house and 4th house. This year 2016 is looking much better and you will be move up on your career and finance very well. Since your kalathra sthanam is fully occupied by malefic planets for entire this year, you may expect to have minor problems on your health and family relationship. This year 2016 is going to be a mixed bag of results with great success and happiness on your career and finance along with health and family problems.


Start of this year is looking good since Mars will be on your 6th house along with Jupiter on your 4th house in backward motion. But your health will get affected as this year progress since Saturn and Mars are making malefic conjunction on your 7th house. You may expect to have problems on stomach, gallbladder, head, arthritis, etc. Your sugar and cholesterol level will shoot up. You need to be careful on your diet and exercise for entire this year. Good placement of Jupiter will make sure to minimize the health problems but cannot be avoided completed.

Family, Love and relationship

This year 2016 is going to be challenging on your family environment. Even though you could feel some relief when Jupiter moves onto your 5th house, its positive effects will get delayed to great extent because of malefic Saturn on your 7th house. So you need to develop lot of soft skills on how to handle the problems with your spouse and other family members. Since Rahu is also moving onto your 4th house, it can create problems between the couples. Do not share your personal matters with anyone else since this is going to be a major source of the problems. You may expect to have conflicts with your in-laws a lot.

This period is not looking great for conjugal bliss. However you can still plan for a baby later this year provided you have some natal chart strength. This year is going to be a bad time for lovers. Lovers will have excessive possessiveness and can create lot of problems. Singles will find hard time in finding a suitable match, but will be successful by end of this year. You need to learn on how to handle your emotional stress would be big challenge on this year.


Students will do well on studies most of the time in this year. You will get admission into very good schools and colleges of your choice. Jupiter on your 5th house from Aug 2016, will make sure to keep on track for your success in education. But problems are likely for your health due to hard work on your studies. Besides you may expect to have problems with your close friends and can create more mental stress for you. Watch out your friend circle and stay away from smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Work / Career and Business

Last year would have given lot of setback on your career. Some of you even might have lost job in the last quarter of 2015. This year would give you great success on your career. If you are unemployed, you will get an excellent job as this New Year begins. You will have at least some support from the planets to keep your career in good position along with significant growth for entire this year. Your work pressure will be less compared to last year. But still you would not be able to do it because of your health and family problems. There will not be any hidden enemies or office politics. You can plan for getting promoted into next level by end of this year and you would be successful in achieving that.


    1) White color does not suite you.
    2) You must not try to cheat others, you will be in trouble.
    3) You must not Insult elders.
    4) Keep an Aquarium on the North direction of your house.
    5) You have to donate leafy vegetables on Wednesday, will give you good benefits and you will prosper.
    6) You must deal with females Careful.
    7) You must not do business on wife's name.
    8) You must not speak false ---you will be in trouble.
    9) Mother's blessing will help you.
    10) Keep Hanuman photo or Idol in the west side of your House will bring prosperity.