Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is the study of the relationship between the stars and planets and our lives on earth. Vedic Astrology involves the interpretation of the horoscope or birth chart and it is essentially based on the idea of cycles and patterns in life which correspond on the cycles of the planets. Through the analysis of these cycles in the past and present it is possible to interpret the possible future.

The true meaning of Astrology is " Message of the Stars " By using the salient principles of Astrology depending on the position of the planets ascertained astronomically one can forcast events for the benefit of all and as such it is a useful Science for interpreting nature.

karma is a Sanskrit word "kri " means 'Action' or 'Deed' any mental or physical action is called karma , every action produces its reaction or result which is known as Karma.

A self-motivated and hard working Astrologer with experience in all aspects of astrological work.,which are based on Vedic calculations and the Jyotish Branch of the Vedas. I firmly believes that there is a remedy for every problem which a person faces in life. The purpose of astrology is to find remedies for our current problems and to avoid future problems.

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A self-motivated and hard working Astrologer with experience in all aspects of astrological work.,which are based on Vedic calculations and the Jyotish Branch of the Vedas. I firmly believes that there is a remedy for every problem which a person faces in life. The purpose of astrology is to find remedies for our current problems and to avoid future problems.


The twelve signs of zodiac are divided into twenty-seven equal parts, starting from the first part of Aries (Mesha rasi). These are called asterisms. In the Hindu astrology they are called �nakashtras �, a planet rules each nakashatra.

In the Hindu system of astrology the Asterisms in which the moon is placed at the time of birth is great significance. The term �janma nakashatra� asterism of birth, is actually the Position of the moon in the asterism at the time of birth.

The twenty-seven �janma nakashatras� and their related rasi and their characters are like these mentioned below.

1) Ashwini:

Natives of Ashwini are usually beautiful in appearance. They love to be adorned in good jewellery and cloths. They are sharp-witted, accomplished and unpertubed. Usually they have a calm temperament, they belong to Mesha rasi.

2) Bharani:

Natives of Bharani usually have an immense zest for life. They are intellectually inclined, and have scientific bend of mind. They enjoy good health and prosperity. They have a steady mind, and they seldom tell lies. They belong to Mesha rasi.

3) Krittika:

Natives of krittika have a strong physique and they enjoy good health and long life, usually they have insatiable lust, and they are greedy in there eating habits. As a rule they are very cunning and deceitful. However they are inclined to enjoy fame and socially they move in high circles. Krittika Nakashatra I st pada belongs to Mesha rasi and the rest 3 padas to Vrishabha rasi.

4) Rohini:

Natives of Rohini usually have exceptional large eyes. They are honest and truthful in there dealings, and generally they are generous and charitable. Talent conversationalists, they have an unperturbed mind. They belong to Vrishabha rasi.

5) Mrigasira:

Natives of Mrigasira generally suffer from inferiority complex. They are persevering in nature, but love an easy way of life. Money comes to them easily. The first two-Nakashatra padas are belonging to Vrishabha rasi and the next two belong to Mithuna rasi.

6) Aridra:

natives of Aridra are usually not very trust worth. Generally they are not very sincere. They are proud and often self-centered. They are given to quick temper. These natives belong to Mithuna rasi.

7) Punarvasu:

natives of unnerves rarely enjoy good health. They can easily become addicted to alcohol and drugs. Though they are generally polite and tactful, when aroused, they may easily loose control over their tongues. In business dealings they are usually clever and cunning, if necessary arises. The first 3 padas belong to Mithuna rasi and the rest to Karkata rasi.

8) Pushya:

natives of Pushya casually have a calm mind highly intellectual, they are usually dutiful, law abiding and righteous. They are noble in their outlook and they are philanthropic. They belong to Karkata rasi.

9) Ashlesha:

natives of Ashlesha generally have a robust physique. They are of a cheerful temperament, and they have a great zest for life. However it is not unusual to find some of them insincere and cunning. Greatfulness is not a quality associated with the native of Ashlesha. They belong to Karkata rasi.

10) Makha:

natives of Makha love an easy luxurious life. It is rare to find industrious people among them. They love to surround themselves with beautiful things, particularly flowers of co lour and fragrance. Prosperity comes to them rather easily. They belong to Simha rasi.

11) Purva Phalguni:

natives of Purva Phalguni are philanthropic minded and noble hearted. They are generally pleasant in their behavior, and tactful in their speech. They have the knack to see ahead and therefore they make very good businessman. At times they suffer from unsteady mind. They belong to Simha rasi.

12) Uttara Phalguni:

natives of Uttara Phalguni usually suffer from poor appetite. They are intellectually inclined and healthy minded. Generally, they are sincere, truthful and noble hearted, though short-tempered. The first pada falls in Simha rasi and the rest three in Kanya rasi

13) Hasta:

Natives of Hasta are usually brave and chivalrous. Besides other noble qualities, they are grateful and charitable. However at times they can be merciless and stealthy. They are usually prosperous in the later part of life.they belong to Kanya rasi.

14) Chitta:

Natives of are especially distinguished for there beautiful physique. They are noted for their shapely figure and attractive features, particularly eyes. They are found of good clothes and ornaments. Though they can be considered good-natured in general, they are not usually sharp-witted and bright. It is not unusual to find being stringy. The first two padas belong to Kanya Rasi and the other two belongs to Thula rasi.

15) Swathi:

Natives of Swathi are well known for there dignified and polishing manners. They are intelligent, scholarly and are able administrators. Tactful in their behavior, they have great self-control. Dutiful and generally law abiding, they make excellent citizens. They belong to Thula rasi.

16) Vishakha:

Natives of Vishakha are well known for their jealousy and stringiness. They are short tempered, but at the same time they are god fearing and honest. The first three padas belong to Thula rasi and the next one belongs to Vrischika rasi.

17) Anuradha:

Natives of Anuradha are distinguished for their beautiful hair and eyes lashes. Dutiful and god fearing they have great attraction for the opposite sex. They will be prospers and honored by the great. However, natives of Anuradha will find themselves luckier in a foreign county. They belong to Vrischika rasi.

18) Jyeshtha:

Natives of jyeshtha have very bad tempers, giving way to violent outbursts at times. Generally they are not very prosperous, though they are charitable. They belong to Vrischika rasi.

19) Moola:

Natives of moola are very proud people. They have bad tempers and not favorable disposed towards relatives. They have a constant, steady mind and they love discipline. They belong to Dhanur rasi.

20) Purva Ashada:

Natives of Purva Ashada stand out in a crowd because of their stature. Generally they are proud and noble minded. Kind to people, and generous to the poor and the needy, natives of Purva-Ashada are loyal friends, but dangerous enemies. They belong to Dhanur rasi.

21) Uttara Ashada:

Natives of Uttara Ashada are distinguished by their majestic appearance. Strong and muscular they usually have long nose and chiseled features. They have good discerning eyes and they are generally gentle and kind. Fond of good food and good company, they are of a pleasant disposition. The first pada belongs to Dhanur rasi and the rest three Makara rasi.

22) Shravana:

Natives of Shravana distinguish themselves for their high intellect and noble qualities. They are generally of polished manners and dignified behavior. They have great enthusiasm for life. They belong to Makara rasi.

23) Dhanistha:

Natives of Danistha are known for their independent nature and liberal outlook. Highly esteemed for their courage and valour, natives of Dhanistha are also generally fond of music. The first and second pada belongs to Makara rasi, and the third and fourth belong to Kumbha rasi.

24) ShataBistha:

These natives possess high intellect and virtuous conduct. Always truthful and uncompromising, they are the beloveds of everyone. They belong to Kumbha rasi.

25) Purva Bhadra:

Natives of Purva Bhadra are easily given to melancholy. They usually think lesser of themselves, than they are actually worth. They are intelligent and are usually gifted speakers. They easily give in to jealousy and greed. Generally they have very little faith in god. The first three padas belong to Kumdha rasi and the fourth one Meena rasi.

26) Uttara Bhadra:

Natives of Uttara Bhadra have a great aptitude for arts and science. Usually talkative they are argumentative, but tactful and diplomatic. They are generally charitable and kind. They belong to Meena rasi.

27) Revati:

Natives of Revati possess a perfect build and a robust constitution. They are popular heroic and have a great attraction for the opposite sex. Tactful and diplomatic they have a wandering mind. They belong to Meena rasi.