Virgo - ( Kanya Rasi )

RASI PAL This year 2016 April to 2017

Income:Expenditure: 14:11 (ratio) Compliment:Insult:2 : 6 (ratio)

Jupiter will be on your Viraya Sthanam until Aug 2016 and then move onto Janma Sthanam. It is not considered auspicious. But Saturn on your 3rd house along with Mars, Ketu on your 6th house for entire this year can bring awesome results and you will move up on your life in many aspects of your life. The malefic impact of Jupiter will not be felt for you until early Nov 2016. Saturn has gained enough energies on your 3rd house, and is supposed to push you upwards in your life. You will see great success on your career, finance. You will lead happy life with good health and family environment. Overall I could see this year can yield you big fortunes in your life.


Let it be any health problems you experienced in the recent past, it will get cured completely with the strength of powerful Mars and Saturn Combination as this year progress. You would be able gain sound health by April 2016. Both your body and mind will get charged with lot of positive energies. Your sound health will make you enjoy all the comforts in this life. You will develop fair complexion and can attract many people with the positive rays Saturn in this year.

Family, Love and relationship

Many people would have experienced good results in the last year 2015. If you are running weak Maha Dasa, it does require ruling planets to gain enough strength. Now Saturn has stayed more than one year and gained enough strength and it will make sure to deliver positive results very aggressively. If you have any conflicts with your spouse, it will get cleared and you will be able to lead happy life again. If you were already divorced during Sade Sani, you will find a suitable match in the beginning of this year and will get married. In either case, there is a positive change on your relationship.

Lovers will have wonderful time in this year 2016. Eligible couples will get blessed with baby now. If you are having any health problems in conceiving, then you can proceed with IVF / IUI in the start of this year. If you are single, there is no surprise if you get any love proposal. Many subha karyas will be happening on your family environment. You will come out of your mental stress and can lead happy life.


It is going to be a fortunate period for students. You will score excellent marks on your examination. You will get admission into very good schools and colleges of your choice. Saturn will make sure to fulfill your long term dreams and wishes in this year. You will become a star student on your class and you will be the most wanted person for everyone. Close intimacy with your friends in opposite sex will make you feel happier. You will have minor issues on your friendship between Oct and Dec 2016, the rest is looking very good for you.

Work / Career and Business

Great career success is indicated on the cards for entire this year. If you are looking for a job change, you can apply and you will clear the interviews easily. Besides you will get excellent salary compensation and good position from big companies. If you are working in a startup companies, hold off your stock option and get ready for takeover offer. Sudden windfall is indicated for you by March 2016 or by Sep 2016.

Long waited promotions and salary hikes will happen this year. Work pressure and tension will go down. You will get correct work life balance. Currently Saturn is aspecting your Poorva Punya sthanam, so you will have more fortunes than usual in your life. Utilize this fortunate year period to establish your career very well and gain enough fame in your family as well as work place.


    1) marriage best time is 28th year if you marry in this age you will prosper well.
    2) maternal uncle blessings will give you good luck.
    3) pray to lord shani.
    4) must not wear coral wear emerald
    5) white color will give you good health, wealth and prosperity.
    6) must not take intoxications (liquor, cigarettes etc.)
    7) must respect woman.
    8) must maintain good relations with life partner.
    9) must plant red color related flower plants on the south side of your house