YELLOW Sapphire is recommended to be worn to Jupiter This gem will radiate the qualities of generosity, wisdom and compassion, it will serve to stregenthen the Jupiter Ian energy and attract the energies ruled over by Jupiter, many times a change is effected in financial status within a short period of time, it serves to bring material abundance and prosperity, also helps in concentration, it will raise levels of energy, will help in overall immune system, strength liver and respiratory system. Yellow Sapphire should be clear to eyes and of a lemon-yellow to golden yellow, caution is advised in buying this costly gem as there are many commonly heat treated to make it more saleable to the public, as this gem is an costly. Yellow topaz and citrine quartz also can be used as substitutes, the potency is less, if worn properly with faith and determination and achievement of the desired effects will come about quickly. Yellow sapphire is found in countries like Srilanka, Thailand , Burma, Australia and Cambodia

Time & day:

Thursday... 5am to 6am… index finger... gold/silver ….3 carats
Right hand
(Clean the ring with cow milk or turmeric water before chanting the navagraha sloka and wear the yellow sapphire ring after chanting the sloka)

"devaanaam cha rishinaam cha gurum kaanchana sannibham
buddhibhootham trilokesam tham namaami brihaspathim."

(Chant this sloka for 108 times before wearing the yellow sapphire ring for the first time)

Premium Quality Yellow sapphire Rs.5000

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